Skin Care Tips

3 Simple Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

If you’re a woman like me you need all the skin care tips you can get. Most however are complex and require alot of time and energy to apply or do. The following 3 Simple Skin Care Tips only require you to do one of two things either: STOP or DON’T START.

Tip 1: DON’T SMOKEelemos Pro Collagen

  • We all know smoking is bad for the lungs and can lead to lung cancer.
  • However smoking also damages out skin, the effects however I like to compare to a train collision.
  • It may seem far away, but as it closer and closer it becomes more and more visible, until when it crashes the effects are seen.

Compounds & Speeds Up Aging

You may only ‘notice’ lines in your teens and twenties, but by 35 it is not only noticable it is unreversable!

Bodie Copies Itself

  • The thing about aging is the body COPIES not reproduces new cells. When cells multiply they ‘copy’ each other.
  • So if your face has ‘fine lines’ at twenty, they are going to be ‘wrinkles at thirty, ‘deep wrinkles’ by 40 and so on.
  • If you smoke STOP now and slow DOWN the aging process. If you don’t smoke DON’T start. You don’t see ‘pretty smokers at age 40, 50, 60 do you no!

Tip 2: DON’T Drink AlcoholElemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Alcohol use speeds up the aging process by causing your liver to divert necessary ‘skin’ nutrients like Vitamin D and E to absorb and break down alcohol.

That means that your skin will be in a vitamin deficit and show signs of aging earlier.

Alcohol Use Can Lead To Liver Failure

Alcohol use can also lead to liver failure and when that happens your skin turns yellow. Using alcohol also leads to the skin looking ‘puffy’ and ‘red’ and sign of stress on the liver and blood vessels of the skin.

Slowing Down Aging Is The Goal

The goal of this site is to give you tips on how to slow the aging process down and not drinking alcohol will slow the aging process down. It is a proven scientific fact the non-drinkers live longer and look younger with respect to their age group.

If you Drink seek help to STOP and if you DON’T drink, don’t start, your skin and body will thank you when you’re 65 and not needing a liver transpant and you look 55!

Tip 3: STOP Drinking Unfiltered WaterElemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Your skin needs water to remain elastic and strong. Most people get enough waterm but they do not drink the right water.

Drinking unfiltered water leads to a toxic build-up of heavy metals, industrial poisons and whatever else is legally allowed to be in the water supply at ‘acceptable levels’.

Drinking purified water will have results that will be noticable in 7 days. Infact start drinking purified water and take pictures of yourself from Day 1 to 7 and seek the results for yourself.

Final ThoughtsElemis pro Collagen Marine Cream

If you don’t smoke, drink and you drink pureifed water, and still look ‘too old for your age’ or you want some additional fast acting help check out my review of Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream.

Outstanding product, and if you’re already doing the above steps and want some more help help click the image.